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Urgent message and update about RTTW 2022

New important information for the M42 motorway around Birmingham.

For ALL - RTTW attendees travelling on the M42 around Birmingham.

This motorway, the M42 will be closed from 9 pm Friday night (30.09.22) to 06.00 am Monday morning (03.10.22) the weekend for RTTW.

The Motorway closure will be north and south at Junction 6, Full Motorway Closure. Please find an alternative route to and from the NMA.

Cherwell Valley Services and Strensham Services

For riders on Route 4 from Cherwell Valley services and Route 6 from Strensham services, we have set up new routes to the NMA to avoid the motorway closure.

Your start points will exit at the set time from the services.

See Route Sheets / Maps

RTTW marshals will lead you out onto the motorways and head to the NMA. (On Route 4 - Stop at all Red Traffic Lights on the A46 unless directed by the Police). Please follow the marshal’s directions at Junctions and Roundabouts on route, try and keep the group together to help the marshals using the next man / marshal drop off system.

Route 4 - from Cherwell Valley services

Will exit north on the M40 to Junction 15 - M40 and exit onto the A46 dual carriageway to M6 - Junction 2, then travel north on M6 to the M42 onto the M6 Toll Road north to exit at the Toll Plazas then onto the NMA.

Looking at around 118 mins. riding time about 95 miles. (estimate)

Route 6 - from Strensham services

Will exit north on the M5 to junction 8 - M5 then head south on the M6 at junction 7 - passing over Spaghetti Junction to exit at junction 4A, onto the M42 / M6 Toll Road north, to exit at the Toll Plazas then onto the NMA.

Looking at around 105 mins riding time and about 90 miles. (estimate)

Please have a look at the new maps and route times on the RTTW Website, (please check your new routes before setting off on the day).

Please start with a full tank of petrol, bike legal and road worthy. adequate weather protection

Recovery in case of emergency - it is your responsibility not RTTW

Problems on Route

The big problem is the mileage, some of the bikes on the routes have a limit of around 100 miles from a full tank of petrol.

So, I would recommend, if the rider / you cannot make the limit of 100 miles / full ride to the NMA from Cherwell Valley or from Strensham Services to join the group on route nearer to the NMA at one of the services norths of the start points services, use Frankley Services on the M5 North and Warwick Services North M40.

RTTW Marshals will ride through the services to pick you up on route, be ready.

If you have a Sat - Nav, it may send you back up to the M42 Junction 6 around Coventry from the A46, please follow the RTTW marshalls on route (A46) to the M6 - Junction 2.

Riders and Others Marking Their Own Way to the NMA

Please find an alternative route to the NMA, avoiding the M42 motorway at Junction 5 - 6 - 7 north and south.

See Route Sheets / Maps

Thank you