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Scroll of Remembrance

The following are being remembered through Ride To The Wall This Year

Ride in Peace Chris Muir.

Riding in memory of those who perished on the Sir Galahad

RO1 George Kimmett Submariner RN

Rob & Sue Dumbell

Rob Caulton dedicated Waller

Rob Caulton dedicated Waller

Rob Garner

Rob Garner

Rob Peck

Robb, Ruth Cumming

Robbie Foster

Robbie Foster ..... Viking

Robbie Foster. Ian Sartorius-Jones

Robbie Law

Robert Holmes

Robert Holmes

Robert Kinch

Roberta Mather, Geoffrey Mather.

Robin Humphries, Michael Brush

Robin Lorimer, Kris Gover, "Mac" Mclaren, Ben "Tapper" Knight

Robin Moore

Roddy Wilson

Roger Woods

Ron North.

Ronald Haynes Meecham

Ronald Henry Marshall

Ronald kaye Sid Riley

Ronald Marsden

Ronald Marsden

Ronald Stanley Pentz

Roy Bennett

Roy Kirkland

Roy Turner

Roy Turner

Roy Turner

RSM Charles Edward Gibson (deceased)

Russ Williams and Sally Williams

Russell Bowen

Ryan Jones, David Jones, Emma Jones, Sophie Britten

Ryan Tomlin RAF Regiment