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Scroll of Remembrance

The following are being remembered through Ride To The Wall This Year

Vivian Holmes Military wife and mother REME

Vix Mullis

VJ "John" Biss

walter adam

walter adam

walter adam

Walter Bednall

Walter Simpson 153 Squadron.

wayne heeley

Wayne williams

Wilfred Bruce , George Mearns

Wilfred Pritchard, Evan Roberts


Wilfred Slater

William ''Bill'' Woodward

William ''Bill'' Woodward

william (bill) mcdonald

William Band, Cyril Band

William Bill Hoskins Chindit

William Charter

william farnsworth

William Fredrick Hayes

William Harry Pinfold

William Herbert Orme

William Michael Raeburn, John Ernest Garnett

William P Butcher

William Thomas lenton

William Thomas Rogers

William Thomas ROGERS (Somme 1916)

William ‘Bill’ Woodward

William ‘Bill’ Woodward

WO1 (ASM) John Buck REME, Cpl Jason Barnes REME

WO1 (MEA) Richard Earnshaw RN

WO2 "Pez" Thomas

WO2 Charles Henry Wood RLC


Wolfy AKA Michael Whittington

WTF Howie


Zoe Clark