Registration and Voluntary Contribution 2018

Registration and Voluntary Contribution 2018
Special Offer

Order your WHITE 2018 T-shirts for only £10 when you register. If you order T-shirts at any other time the normal price is £15.
This is NOT for 2019

This item is for retrospective registrations for the 2018 event so that you can make your voluntary contribution and receive your 2018 year bar.
Number of People:
Year Bar 2018

You will receive a year bar for 2018.

If you enter your name(s) they will be entered into the "Scroll of Attendance" recognising the contribution you have made and the pride and respect that you show for the sacrifice made by the names on the Wall.

When you checkout you may also enter the names of people you would like to remember for inclusion in the "Scroll of Remembrance".