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Parking at the National Memorial Arboretum

Please NOTE, Access to the NMA is restricted to Motorcycles/Scooters and 3 Wheelers only,

ALL other vehicles, including Blue Badge Holders, will be directed to the Alrewas Showground Park (Park & Ride) where shuttle buses with full disabled facilities are available.

Motorcycle parking for 2024

Bike parking for 2024, once again it will be in several different areas. As in previous years, the parking will be split between the overflow car park field located just past the NMA main entrance and areas within the NMA itself.

Please follow the directions of the RTTW and NMA marshals when you arrive at the NMA.

Please NOTE that most of the parking will be on GRASS as there is very little hard standing available.

On arrival at the NMA, you will be directed by the parking marshals (yellow vests) to the parking areas where the marshals will guide you to your parking location.

Please be aware of pedestrians and vehicles moving across the parking areas.

While the parking marshals are there to guide and assist you in parking, please remember that you, as an individual, are responsible for your own safety and that of your vehicle.

The NMA site has a maximum speed limit of 5mph; this also applies to the offsite parking area.

In the event of a situation that may require the emergency services, please contact the nearest parking marshal (yellow vests), who will contact the event control office.

Due to anticipated very high attendance and the single exit road from the NMA, please be aware that you will experience delays when leaving the parking areas.

Once the Remembrance Service is over there will still be plenty to see and do at the NMA while the initial rush to go home settles down.

If you are directed to parking inside the NMA grounds, please show respect for where you are and the nature of the event and do not park too close to any dedicated memorial trees or obvious memorial sites. Please follow the directions of the RTTW / NMA marshals.

We request that, out of RESPECT, there is NO vehicle movement during the service.

If you are planning not to stay for the service, or need to leave the site early, please park at the offsite parking area even if you are directed towards the onsite parking areas. Just inform the marshals when you arrive.

To those of you who have not attended RTTW before, the surface of the field and other areas may appear alarming at first glance, but regular site inspections have taken place and tests have shown that the surface is consistently strong throughout the field.

In fact, we rode a heavy Harley Davidson touring machine onto the field following a week of heavy rain to demonstrate the strength of the surface.

Parking at the NMA
Parking at the NMA

We want you to be as happy to ride and park your bike in this area as we are, so please have a look at the photographs. Our advice is to bring a SIDE STAND PUCK if you are concerned.

Bike - Blue Badge Holders

We will have a disabled parking area at the NMA for RIDERS AND PILLIONS ONLY with mobility problems. Sorry, Cars must go to Alrewas Showground Park (Park & Ride).

Riders, please ensure that on arrival, your blue badge is CLEARLY VISIBLE to our marshals so that they can direct you to the appropriate parking area. If the marshals cannot see a blue badge, they will not know that you require disabled parking.

Cars with Blue Badges

Cars with Blue Badges will be directed to Alrewas Showground Park (Park & Ride) which has wheelchair friendly shuttle buses.

For more information on the disabled facilities at the NMA please go to www.thenma.org.uk

Drayton Manor Ride

The Route 1 ride arriving from Drayton Manor will be directed to onsite parking. Parking marshals (Yellow vests) will direct the flag party into the NMA. From here the flag party will ride towards the AFM to be parked up at its bottom on the left side of the road. The remainder of the Drayton Manor ride will be parked on both the left and right of the road leading to the AFM.

Please follow the marshal's directions and make the best use of the limited space available.

Please be aware of pedestrians and other moving vehicles while riding inside the NMA grounds.

After the service, please make you own way to the exit for your parking area, remember - maximum speed 5mph. Please ride with care and respect and be aware of pedestrians and other vehicles. Marshals will be at the exits to assist you in joining Croxhall Road and to make your exit as smooth as possible.

Please be patient as the exits will be very congested.

All Other Routes

All the RTTW routes leaving from the motorway service areas and the "A road" start points for this year's event will be using several different parking areas at the NMA for this year.

Please be aware you may be separated when parking up at the NMA from your friends due to bike parking availability.

Most of these areas are grassed (don't forget your side stand puck).

Please be aware of the surface conditions on the day and ride in a manner suitable for these conditions.


Traffic flow for all areas, before the RTTW service, will be ONE WAY ONLY into the parking areas. After the RTTW service, traffic flow will be ONE WAY ONLY, out of the parking area. Please note that Croxhall Rd will still be 2-way traffic, please do not obstruct oncoming traffic especially when leaving the event.


Ride To The Wall (RTTW) accepts no legal liability for accident, injury, loss or damage incurred whilst attending the RTTW, irrespective of any guidance or instruction from Officers, Marshals or Representatives of RTTW. You must ensure both the safety of yourselves, the general public and event attendees.

By participating in the RTTW you agree to these conditions.