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The following are being remembered through Ride To The Wall This Year

Bruce Carlyle James

Frederick S Greaves 2546610 RAF

"Elliot" King

1167033 Sgt Thomas Reginald Lunn

A sheldon, M Wright, J phillipson, A eida

A wright m mobius

Aaron Mcclure

Aaron Troy McClure

Aaron Troy McClure

AB Price, Nigel Ayrton Thomas, Jeff Fuller


Abraham Ward (somme)9th August 1916

Adam Brown, Nigel Rowbridge, Andy Snutch

ADCOCK MICHEAL J. PETTY OFFICER, Glamorgan Destroyer, 12th June 1982

Ade “Sooty” Corbett. Steffie “Pinkiepie” Dods

adrian mardon

Aiden James

Alan Barnes, Colin Barnes

Alan French

Alan French

Alan Mclure

Alan McMenemy

Alan Weaver, Daniel Taylor, Alan Selby

Alan Whitehead, Harry Whitehead, Andy Fenwick

Alan Yates

Alban Taylor

Albert Froud - Royal Navy

Albert Froud - Royal Navy

Albert Harris KIA WW2

Albert john Sambrook

Alene Smith

Alexander Beaton Sutton, Stanley Scott.

Alexander Clark, Bob Moody,

Alexander Richardson

Alfred John Ruff

Alfred Swash

Alfred Swash

Alice Burgess,

Alice Hardisty nee Burgess

Alister McDougal