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RTTW and NMA Code of Conduct

As Ride To The Wall grows year on year, more and more people join us and, in order that everyone can enjoy the day, show their respects and, at the same time, experience the unique atmosphere of the Arboretum, the Committee and the NMA would appreciate it if you would read and adhere to the following:

Please enjoy your day and thank you for your ongoing support and cooperation.


Ride To The Wall (RTTW) accepts no legal liability for accident, injury, loss or damage incurred whilst attending the RTTW, irrespective of any guidance or instruction from Officers, Marshals or Representatives of RTTW. You must ensure both the safety of yourselves, the general public and event attendees.

RTTW will comply with any restrictions imposed by government in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and may, if required, postpone or cancel the event if required to do so. Under these and any other circumstances relating to the safety of attendees, RTTW cannot accept liability for any consequential loss relating to cancellation / postponement.

By participating in the RTTW you agree to these conditions