The Trustees have recently agreed that, for the foreseeable future, due to storage restrictions, we will not be re-ordering the bulkier items of merchandise. We will continue to offer a year specific t-shirt along with the smaller items of merchandise (key rings, lanyards, beanies, caps, flags, zip pulls, wristbands etc.) and the full range of patches, pins and stickers. We also hope to offer a new pin and patch each year, a calendar, Christmas cards and limited edition items.

This means that once the stock of items listed below is depleted, it will no longer be available to buy. So, to avoid disappointment, get your orders in now.

The items that will not be re-ordered are:

  • Hoodies
  • Fleeces
  • Children's hoodies
  • Children's t-shirts
  • Hi –Viz
  • Ladies vest tops
  • Rugby shirts
  • Polo shirts
  • Jute bags
  • Teddies
  • Torches
  • Wallets

Thank you for your continued support.

The Directors and Trustees, RTTW.

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Scroll of Attendance

The following individuals are proudly supporting Ride To The Wall This Year

Richard and Sharon Eldred [18 Apr 2017]

Allan Ward (Aire Valley UK) [03 Apr 2017]

Lezzo (VRA) Medland (VRA. Kawasaki Vulcan Owners Club) [01 Apr 2017]

Lisa and Adrian Quigley [31 Mar 2017]

Robert Cross, Stephen Barnett (Royal British Legion Riders) [12 Jun 2017]

**Mad Mandi** [31 Mar 2017]

1 KOSB Shuggie Hoskins Highland Rider (Highland Rider ) [31 Mar 2017]

1st Staffords PAUL WOODCOCK and TINK BRASENELL [02 Apr 2017]

24361653 Cpl DJ Stubbs RCT (Royal British Legion Riders) [31 Mar 2017]

24743985 [02 Apr 2017]

A and L Sherwin [31 Mar 2017]

A Dronfield [27 May 2017]

A DuJon Esq (TDMC) [15 Apr 2017]

A Hart, D Hart, R Clow. (VMCC) [06 Apr 2017]

A. Mason (Royal British Legion Riders) [01 Apr 2017]

A.French Whistlestop Cafe MCC Rudlan North Wales (Whistlestop Cafe MCC Rudlin North Wales) [01 Apr 2017]

Aaron S Jones (Royal British Legion Riders) [26 Apr 2017]


Adam Roy, Anne Roy [31 Mar 2017]

Adele finn and matt crowley [18 Apr 2017]

Adey Phoenix (Royal British Legion Riders) [04 May 2017]

Adie Taylor, Jackie taylor (Plymouth HOG Chapter) [01 Apr 2017]

Adrian Cowley (WSMBA West Midlands Chapter) [31 Mar 2017]

Adrian croot [01 Apr 2017]

Adrian Davies and Maxine Davies (Slayers of Lard) [09 Apr 2017]

Adrian Davies and Maxine Davies (Slayers of Lard) [09 Apr 2017]

Adrian Fotheringham, Kieran Fotheringham [30 Jun 2017]

Adrian Grimes, Jonathan Grimes [31 Mar 2017]

Adrian Joners (Harley Owners Group) [02 Apr 2017]

Adrian jr hartley [06 Apr 2017]

Adrian Knight, Tina Knight [31 Mar 2017]

Adrian Light, Tracy Light [31 Mar 2017]

Adrian Lilley, Karen Lilley, Marcus Lilley (Tri Service Scooter Club) [01 Apr 2017]

Adrian Slater, Pete Lucas (Clearance Divers Bikers Association) [02 Apr 2017]

Adrian sproston [31 Mar 2017]

Adrian Yates, Sue Cutting [16 Apr 2017]

Ady and Jane Owen. Ex RAF [27 May 2017]

AFB BIG JIM and THE DRAGON (Armed Forces Bikers) [10 Jun 2017]

AFB OLD SMOKEY AND ROO (Armed Forces Bikers) [31 Mar 2017]

aidan forbes, glen forbes,nicola jankowicz, paul wilson (moddey dhoo iom) [31 Mar 2017]