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Ride Information

Start Points & Group Riding

Please start with:

The road marshals will be in yellow and the back markers in orange jackets.

The 11 start points around the UK will be marshalled by teams of 10.

It is up to you to arrive at the services with ample time for a comfort stop.
(Remember the 2 hour waiting / parking time limits at the services).

The Ride

The 4 out riders (in yellow) will leave 1 min before the designated start time and travel up the motorways calling at junctions & services on route to the NMA.

If you are waiting for the passing group and see an out rider approaching, please get ready and join on to the back of the group when it is approaching.

Please do not wait on the motorway slip roads.

When safe, get in front of the 2 back markers in orange.

The outrider will go onto the next junction/services.

The 11 Routes to the NMA will start promptly at the allocated times.

Please be ready - the Lead Marshals will start the ride at their allocated times and lead you out on to the roads and motorways (Remember the rules of the road).

The 2 back markers (in orange) will be the last to leave the services.

If you are in doubt of the start times for your route see a road marshal in yellow or orange jackets.

Where possible try to ride in a staggered formation.

Take your lead / position from the rider in front.

If this is your first time riding from a motorway start point, if you can, ride at the front. Make yourself known to a marshal and he/she will assist you.


The speed will not go over 60 mph on Motorways and 30/40 mph on A Roads.

The routes are set to arrive at the NMA at a set time.

Keep up with the rider in front of you.

To help the smooth running of the ride, the marshals will mark junctions and turns and assist with traffic and ride safety.

Stop at all red traffic lights, unless directed by the police.

In the event that you are delayed, keep going straight ahead. Eventually you will come across a waiting marshal he/she will not leave until he/she sees the orange Hi-Viz of the rear marshals.

If you are unfortunate enough to break down, then stay with your bike and a Marshal / sweeper will pull up, and try to help you, but in the event that he/she cannot you will be expected to make your own arrangements with the recovery service that you subscribe to.

It is advisable to memorize and/or print off your route to the NMA, from the start location. You will find it on the start locations page of the RTTW web site.

Toll Road M6 - T4 & T5 Toll Gates

For all routes that use the M6 Toll road, please note that by kind permission of the toll road operator, Midland Expressway, no charge will be made to Ride to the Wall 2017 participants for the inbound journey.

Riders will be granted free passage on their inbound journey only when exiting the M6 toll at T4 & T5.

Signage will be in place directing riders to use the Toll Gate at the toll plaza.

Tolling staff will be on hand to allow free passage.

Go to the gate you are directed to and ride through.

Riders leaving Drayton Manor to ride to the NMA

Please be ready for a start time of 12.15.

Please follow the flag procession out onto the road and follow the waiting road marshals, who will direct you to the NMA.

When the routes arrive at the NMA, your route marshals will hand you over to the park-up marshals.

Please park up as directed and have a good day.


As a rider on a route to the NMA; do not put yourself in a position on the road to endanger yourself or other road users.

In the event of an accident on the road:

If it is near to you, assist where possible. Try to direct traffic round the incident.

If marshals are on hand, pass over to them. Try to keep the ride moving.

Some of the marshals on your route will be equipped with a first aid kit.

Let's have a good day and remember why we participating in RTTW

Thank you for supporting RTTW.


RTTW (Ride To The Wall) accepts no legal liability for accident, injury, loss or damage incurred whilst attending the RTTW, irrespective of any guidance or instruction from Officers, Marshals or Representatives of RTTW. You must ensure both the safety of yourselves, the general public and event attendees. By participating in the RTTW you agree to these conditions