RTTW event - affected by COVID-19

It is with a great deal of sadness that I have to announce that Ride to the Wall, in its current format, will not be taking place this year.

My priority as Founder of Ride to the Wall is your safety first and foremost as WALLERS, and not putting you or the general public at unnecessary risk.

Best wishes from Martin Dickinson - Founder of Ride to the Wall.

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The following individuals are proudly supporting Ride To The Wall This Year

Tony Moore: Armed Forces Bikers (Armed Forces Bikers) [27 Apr 2020]

Tony Pengelly (Royal British Legion Riders) [25 Apr 2020]

Tony Riley [24 Apr 2020]

Tony Sargent , Julie Sargent [29 Apr 2020]

Tony Smallman (Tea & Biscuits MCC ) [25 Apr 2020]

Tony Smith, Phil Smith, Michaela Smith, Jordanna Smith, David Spoors [26 Apr 2020]

Tony Turpin, Jamie "Dick" Turpin [24 Apr 2020]

Tony Waterhouse RBLR (Royal British Legion Riders) [26 Apr 2020]

Tony Welch, Taron Baird [24 Apr 2020]

Tony Wright, Steve Wright (Northern Section BMW Club) [07 May 2020]

TonyandLiz Bentley (Sherwood chapter HOG) [13 May 2020]

Tracey Elsom, Julian Anderson [07 May 2020]

Tracey Seals, Ryan Seals, Sharna Seals (Ms) [24 Apr 2020]

Tracey Taylor , Andy Taylor, Katie Taylor [28 Apr 2020]

Tracey williams [11 Jun 2020]

Trev Foster, Phil Rogers [24 Apr 2020]

Trev Pardon and Colt Baxter [19 May 2020]

Trevor and Betty (HOG) [12 May 2020]

Trevor Boswell (Widows Sons. Southern ) [24 Apr 2020]

Trevor Harrison [14 Jun 2020]

Trevor Jones. [09 May 2020]

Trevor Kirk, Janet Hope [28 Jun 2020]

Trevor Poulton [24 Apr 2020]

Trevor Shakespeare, Pauline Shakespeare (Vintage Motor Cycle Club) [22 Jun 2020]

Trevor Skeates, Margaret Skeates (Oxford UK Chapter HD) [22 May 2020]

Trevor Top Cat Corbett, Leon Arnold, Horace Blackie Blackwell, David Carrot Carr, Mark Doddy Dodsworth, Ben Daniels, The Warrior 6 (RCT RIDERS BRANCH) [24 Apr 2020]

Trish Gillespie, Barry Gillespie (Geordie Chapter HOG) [24 Apr 2020]

Turkish.North West Chapter WSMBA (North West chapter WSMBA) [03 Jul 2020]

Tyron Stevenson, Ttron R Stevenson (Blood bikes wales) [24 Apr 2020]

Tyrone Reed (XJR Owners Club) [24 Apr 2020]

V.p. mick Sentinels m.c.c. (SENTINELS M.C.C ) [05 May 2020]

Val Eccles (TOMCC) [29 Apr 2020]

Vanessa, Jason, Dylan, Trey, Karen, Jeff, Keira [25 Apr 2020]

vaughan wiseman (VSOC Centre 10 Saxon Warriors) [25 Apr 2020]

Veronica Hammnd, David Pitts (Royal British Legion Riders) [25 Apr 2020]

Vic ( Wellard ) Walker Surrey Chapter UK (Surrey Chapter UK) [25 Apr 2020]

Vic Grinyer (Intruder Owners Club United Kingdom) [24 Apr 2020]

Vic Rayner, Sandra Rayner (Royal British Legion Riders) [12 Jul 2020]

Victoria jones (Armed Forces Scooter Club ) [24 Apr 2020]

Victoria Muir (Oxleathers, Sportster Sickness ) [24 Apr 2020]