The Trustees have recently agreed that, for the foreseeable future, due to storage restrictions, we will not be re-ordering the bulkier items of merchandise. We will continue to offer a year specific t-shirt along with the smaller items of merchandise (key rings, lanyards, beanies, caps, flags, zip pulls, wristbands etc.) and the full range of patches, pins and stickers. We also hope to offer a new pin and patch each year, a calendar, Christmas cards and limited edition items.

This means that once the stock of items listed below is depleted, it will no longer be available to buy. So, to avoid disappointment, get your orders in now.

The items that will not be re-ordered are:

  • Hoodies
  • Fleeces
  • Children's hoodies
  • Children's t-shirts
  • Hi –Viz
  • Ladies vest tops
  • Rugby shirts
  • Polo shirts
  • Jute bags
  • Teddies
  • Torches
  • Wallets

Thank you for your continued support.

The Directors and Trustees, RTTW.

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The following individuals are proudly supporting Ride To The Wall This Year

Al Chester, Jeanette Ferns [31 Mar 2017]

Al Erskine [31 Mar 2017]

Alan and chic debnt [31 Mar 2017]

Alan Bailey, Carol Bailey, Adam Baillie, Stacey Baillie [09 Apr 2017]

Alan Bell (Airborne Forces Riders) [08 Apr 2017]

Alan Chapman, Helen Winn [04 May 2017]

Alan Coote (Dionadair Alba, Sasann, Uladh, Ghearmain, Nàiseanta Capla, Nomad, Taic LEMC) (Dionadair Alba, Sasann, Uladh, Ghearmain, Nàiseanta Capla, Nomad, Taic) [14 Jul 2017]

Alan Hitchen [07 Apr 2017]

Alan Jackson [31 Mar 2017]

Alan Marshall, Liz Quiney-Marshall (Riders Association of Triumph-Lincs) [31 Mar 2017]

ALAN MILES (Thames Valley Hog) [07 Apr 2017]

Alan Munro. Anne-Marie Munro [20 Jun 2017]

Alan Parry (Royal British Legion Riders) [01 Apr 2017]

Alan Read - G.O.B (CCCLXXXII) (Grumpy Old Bastards) [08 Jul 2017]

Alan Ross [31 May 2017]

Alan Ross, Caroline Ross [04 Jul 2017]

Alan Smithies and Fiona Smithies. [15 Apr 2017]

Alan Standen ,Debbie Standen [02 May 2017]

Alan Sturch and Chrissie Keyes [31 Mar 2017]

Alan Thompson [31 Mar 2017]

Alan Tinsley, Evelyn Tinsley (Great Western (HOG) Chapter) [23 Apr 2017]

Alan Tipple, Mandy Tipple (HDRCGB) [01 Apr 2017]

Alan Wallis, Joanne Wallis, Neil Holland, Sydney Holland (Royal British Legion Riders) [31 Mar 2017]

Alan Whitehead, Harry Whitehead, Phil Johnson, Billy Davis, Alan Watson, Andy Fenwick (KOYLI, LIGHT INFANTRY and RIFLES RIDERS) [31 Mar 2017]

Alan Wilds, Catherine Hunter [11 Apr 2017]

Alan Withers [31 Mar 2017]

Alan Woodland Katrina Woodland (Royal British Legion Riders) [27 Apr 2017]

Alan Woodland and Katrina Woodland (Royal British Legion Riders) [23 Apr 2017]

Alan. Hassett, Jane. Hassett (Sherwood chapter) [02 May 2017]

Alastair Difford, Tabbie Difford [15 May 2017]

Alastair Huteson, Diane Huteson [15 Apr 2017]

Albrighton - Sarah, Stuart, Kieron and David Williams (Royal British Legion Riders) [31 Mar 2017]

Alex Beebee, Tracey Stubbs, Ray Ash, Tracey Ash (TOMCC) [31 Mar 2017]

Alex Bentley (RAFAMCG) [06 Apr 2017]

Alex Didcott, Rebecca Thompson [05 Jul 2017]

Alex Glen, Fiona Gilbert, (DUNEDIN CHAPTER SCOTLAND) [31 Mar 2017]

Alex Lepic-Clark (Shropshire and Staffordshire Blood Bikes (SSBB)) [19 Apr 2017]

Alex MacDonald - MAC (Dunedin Chapter Scotland (9083)) [31 Mar 2017]

Alex Wilson, John Wilson [24 Apr 2017]

Alex Wilson, John Wilson [24 Apr 2017]