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Scroll of Remembrance

The following are being remembered through Ride To The Wall This Year

Sid Mc

Sidney Cooper

Simeon Simms

Spencer rose


SSGT Jim Prescott, Std Mark Stephens, AB(S) Andy Barr

Stephen Homer

Stephen Moore

Steve & Rhett Godley - Always Navy!

Steve Fletcher,Natalie Tucker

Steve harris MBE

Steve Rogers

Steve Sessions

Steven Carvel, Eileen Frost

Terry Blackburn

Terry Hill

Terry holiday

Thomas McCaigue, samuel McCaigue. Joe Jardine

Thomas McDougall Gibson

those not named who''s death is a result of their service

To all serving and ex Light Dragoons

Tony Kay

Trevor (Topcat) Corbett, David (Carrot) Carr, Geoff Corbett, Mark Doddy Dodsworth, Leonard Arnold, Horace Blackwell

Vaughan Davies, Frank Windsor

Vic "Tanky" Wells, Ian Corney

Victor Taylor, Bill Smith

Vikings R I P

Vincent Asquith

Violetta Monaghan

Vivian Holmes Military wife and mother REME

Vix Mullis

VJ "John" Biss

Walter Bednall

Wayne williams

Wilfred Pritchard, Evan Roberts


William Band, Cyril Band

William Charter

William Fredrick Hayes

William Harry Pinfold