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Scroll of Remembrance

The following are being remembered through Ride To The Wall This Year

Andrew Found

Andrew Oliver

Andrew Palmer

Andrews N J


Andy "Kipper" Herrington

Andy Butterfield, Gordon Butterfield

Andy Houltram, Nick Webster Smith, Seth stevens

Andy Oakley,Annette Oakley

Andy Pllu & Tom mcdonald of NO 1 Commando NO4 Troop

Ange Smithies, Stuart Meacock

Angus Harrison, Alan Rowberry

Anne Palmer (WRNS), Jim Palmer (Para)

Anthony Edward Garbett

Antony Lewis, Sandi Lewis

Arthur Hawkins

Arthur John Wyatt, Cyril Newton, Peggy Newton, Patricia Williams, George Cockle, Terry Michaels, Simon Cullingworth, Luke Allsop


Arthur Terrence Stamp

Audrey Coathupe, Reg Coathupe

Austin Hamer, Darwin Hamer, Paul Hamer, Alison Tempest

Barrie Bostock RE

Barry gunn

Baz Barwood Thinking of you mate.

Baz Barwood Thinking of you mate.

Baz Keen, Jonathan Hetherington

Ben Clark Stuart Clark

Bernard Cooper, Peter Moore

Bert Bungey

biff roberts,sharon francis

Bill Howard

Bill Mooney, Nigel Mooney, Darren Ryan

Bill Welsh

Billy & Helen simpson

Billy & Helen simpson

Billy & Helen simpson

Billy Rutterford RE

Bob "Kate" Grube, WRC McGarry, Elizabeth McGarry, Elza Grube

Bob Bankier

Bob beecher