RTTW event - affected by COVID-19

It is with a great deal of sadness that I have to announce that Ride to the Wall, in its current format, will not be taking place this year.

My priority as Founder of Ride to the Wall is your safety first and foremost as WALLERS, and not putting you or the general public at unnecessary risk.

Best wishes from Martin Dickinson - Founder of Ride to the Wall.

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Scroll of Remembrance

The following are being remembered through Ride To The Wall This Year

Anya Smith, Mark Smith

Arthur John Wyatt,George Cockle,Cyril and Peggy Newton,Terry Michael''s, Janice Cockle,Howard Rosier,Mary Buttler, Luke Allsop, Simon Cullingworth

Arthur Whitelock, Tommy Taylor ,John Gaskell,John Rudman,Tom Rudman

barrie bostock

Barrie William Wormall

Barry gunn

Barry Gunn, Sparks, Massive, Rab

Barry Jackson

Barry Thurston

Baz barwood

Ben Clark Stuart Clark

Ben Daniells [RIP] Rosemary Daniells, Ray Daniells

Bernie Jelfs

Beverley Sallis, Ashley Sallis

Biff roberts, Sharon Francis

Bill Claydon, Dawn Green

Bill Fodder, Gordon Papworth

Bill Whitehouse, Horace Cox

Billy Rutterford RE

Bmdr 62591, William Thomas Rogers ,Somme ,1916

Bob "Kate" Grube, WRC McGarry ex 2 Para, Elizabeth McGarry, Elza Grube

Bob cope

Bob Holmes

Bob Miekle, Brian Williams

Bob O Connor (Sootie)

Bob O''Connor, William Vincent

Brent McCarthy

Brian Dixon, Trevor Dixon

Brian Jefferies

Brian Jefferies

Brian Kitchen Rest in peace brother.

Brian M Brown

Brian Plint, Ivan Shipman

Brian Steel, James ODea

Brigadier Steven Saunders

Bryan Adams, pte A Morris, pte J lewiaci

Bunny Kyd

Buster (Jim) Brown

Buster and Maddie Isle of Wight

Buster and Maddie Isle of Wight