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Scroll of Remembrance

The following are being remembered through Ride To The Wall This Year

Sean Miller

Seth stevens,

Sgt Baz Barwood

Sgt Bob O’Connor

Sgt David Smith

Sgt Gareth Thursby. Sgt Simon Valentine

Sgt John Amer Coldsteam guards

Sgt M.J.Height

Sgt Paul Sadler REME, AB Norman Evans RN

Sgt.John Nightingale 217Sqn RCT

Shaun Andrew Brierley

Shaun Metcalf

Sidney Caley. Ian(Bubsy) Bubins. Pete(Pigpen)Passmore.Gavin Major.

Sidney Green

Simeon Sims

simon Cuerden , Jo Gelsthorpe

Simon Jeans

Simon Prince, Brian Sandland

Simon Worrall, Andi Duffy

Sir Peter Squire

South Manchester ''The Brollies'' Scooter Club

South Manchester ‘The Brollies’ Scooter Club

Spr will Blanchard’ trooper Barry Miles


SSGT ER Jennings

Std Mark Stephens, SSGT Jim Prescott, AB(S) Andy Barr

Stefan Wohlleben


Stephen Bray

Stephen Ford RN

Stephen Kemp

stephen martin

Steve Grimwade

Steve Horey

Steve shaw 1st Coldm Gds

Steve Ward, Karen Ward

Steven Baird

Steven Birdsall. 40 commando. Herrick 12

Steven Carvel, Eileen Frost, Margaret Passey

Steven Horne