RTTW event - affected by COVID-19

It is with a great deal of sadness that I have to announce that Ride to the Wall, in its current format, will not be taking place this year.

My priority as Founder of Ride to the Wall is your safety first and foremost as WALLERS, and not putting you or the general public at unnecessary risk.

Best wishes from Martin Dickinson - Founder of Ride to the Wall.

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Scroll of Remembrance

The following are being remembered through Ride To The Wall This Year

Stuart Allister, Dave O''Shea, Shaun Brierley

Stuart Boulton

Sydney Barthorpe

Terri and Ian Lidbetter,

Terry Jones / Terry Jones

The 19 souls still on patrol in the South Atlantic HMS Coventry D118


Thomas McDougall Gibson (REME) , Brian Cole 124 Entry, RAF Halton Apprentice

Thomas Murphy, John Livesey, John Edward Livesey,

Tim Elkins-Green

Tim Fountain

Timothy Jenkins

Tom Mildenhall, Shag Scanlon, Faz Farrelly

Tom Tomlinson St Leger Doncaster

Tony Anderson killed northern Ireland 1982

Tony Birchill

Tony Kay

Tony Orange, Brian Orange, Thomas Orange, Gerald Orange

Tony Orange, Brian Orange, Thomas Orange, Gerald Orange

Trevor and Betty

Trevor and Betty

Trevor Corbett,Leon Arnold,Horace Blackwell,Mark Dodsworth,David Carr,Ben Daniels,The Warrior 6,

Vanessa Myers

Vikings R I P

Vincent Asquith

Violetta Monaghan . Krissie,sarah,Amy

VJ Biss

W/Sgt Len Cater RASC

Walter Bednall

Walter Oswald, Stewart Oswald

Wilfred Ronald Davey


William E Woodward 40th Entry RAF Halton 1939

William Goulder

William Harry Pinfold

William Harry Pinfold

William Hayes

William Herbert Orme

William Hodgkiss

William lenton