RTTW event - affected by COVID-19

It is with a great deal of sadness that I have to announce that Ride to the Wall, in its current format, will not be taking place this year.

My priority as Founder of Ride to the Wall is your safety first and foremost as WALLERS, and not putting you or the general public at unnecessary risk.

Best wishes from Martin Dickinson - Founder of Ride to the Wall.

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Scroll of Remembrance

The following are being remembered through Ride To The Wall This Year

Roy Charles parry

Roy Charles parry

Roy Levett, Terry Butters

Roy Turner, for ever in our thoughts, never forgotten

Royal air force air cadets 2222 sqn

Royal Marine David C Keyes

Royal Marine David C Keyes

RSM Charles Edward Gibson (deceased)

Rupert Bowers

Russell Curwin

S/Sgt A R Waters

S/Sgt Ian Duffus

SAC Gareth Edward Allen (GAZ).RAF Regiment.

Sally Hazlehurst

Samuel White

Sapper 253303 P Gallacher, Veterans pf the Bradley, Gallalcher, Wilkins, Verschoot Families, Ken Easton, 4916120/4927147 Cliff Colledge

Sarah Holmes

Sarah Hunt Squires, Sean Squires

Scot Hetherington

Scott McLean Airborne Riders

Scott Veitch, Tim Brown, Simon Carter

Scotty Wilson, John Pashley, Mick Melia, Cpl McIlvenny, Spr Tarbard

Sean Miller RCT

Sean Miller, Bernie Jelfs, Bill Turner.

Sean Prenderghast 9/12 Royal Lancers

Sgt Andrew Jowers.

Sgt Dave Kinsley REME

Sgt Dave Wilson, LSgt Tobie Fasfous, LCpl Dane Elson

Sgt hehir, omc Seymour, bombadier Evans, Gnr P. Riddy

Sgt Isaac Willmore Dk of Cambridge ww1 Fred Cuthbertson 1st Staffs Ireland 1972 Paul Owen 1St Staffs 1989

Sgt John Paul Amer

Sgt Leonard Newman Colquhoun of the Scots Guards

Sgt Paul Sadler REME, AB Norman Evans RN

Sgt Robert O’Connor

Sgt. John Nightingale


Sig Ian Sartorius-Jones, private robert foster

Simeon Sims

Simon Annis, David Greenhalgh.

Simon Cuerden