Important - Route 4 and Route 6 Diversions for 2022

New important information for the M42 motorway around Birmingham.

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Scroll of Remembrance

The following are being remembered through Ride To The Wall This Year

Thomas Edwin St Leger, John St Leger (EDDIE)

Thomas McCausland

Thomas McDougall Gibson

Thomas Wright and Rob Coulton x

Tim Heale

Tim Jones

To all Light Dragoons passed and Present

To all my Vikings brother RIP

Tony Anderson, "nd Batt Royal Anglian Regt.

Tony Dacre

Tony Early QOH

Tony Gray

Tony Kay Irish Guards

Tony Moore

Tony Philogene, Adrian Gilbert, Brian Morgan

Trevor (Chalky) White RAOC.

Trevor Corbett ,David Carr ,Horace Blackwell ,Leon Arnold ,Mark Dodsworth

Trevor Elliott

trooper geoffery fawcett, 15th 19th kings royal hussars , sergeant george brocklebank, (tyneside scotish backwatch )

Tyrone Reed

veronica Hammond, David Pitts

Victor (Tankie( Wells

Victor Taylor, Bill Smith

Walter Bednall

Walter Braybon

Walter stokes

Wayne Rees

Wayne Tabbard

Will Blanchard

Will priddy


William ''Bill'' Woodward, 40th Entry RAF Halton

William (Bill) Holmes , Ronald Cattell

William (Billy) Walt

William (Billy) Walt

William Anthony Parr

William Arthur Shirley

William Barrett

William Buchanan

William Edgar Aldridgeu