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The on-line shop is closed from 15th January to 28th April when registration for this year will open at 7.00 pm.

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Scroll of Remembrance

The following are being remembered through Ride To The Wall This Year

William (Bill) Holmes , Ronald Cattell

William (Bill) Spiers RN HMS Starling - Reg Mellows RAF - John Kirk Parachute Reg/ACC. Nottinghamshire. RIP.

William (Billy) Walt

William (Billy) Walt

William Anderson, Mike Brook-Smith, Sandy Asher, Tom Tempany

William Anthony Parr

William Arthur Shirley

William Barrett

William Buchanan

William Campbell, Kevin Campbell

William Edgar Aldridgeu

William Edward Gardner

William Fisher

William Fisher, John Taylor

William G Glover, Cpl Channing Day RAMC

William Hamilton cunnungham

William Harold Jones, RAF Bomber Comand

William Hewart, Richard Hewart, Keith Yates

William kelly Jane kelly

William Latchem WW2 Desert Rat Elwyn Davies WW2 Telephanist Mine Sweepers

William Leathwaite, Brian Houlton

William lenton


William Mitchell (Ex RCT)

William Noble Burness

William Quinn, John Donnelly

William Tyler, Danny Johnson, John Monk, John Wilson, Ben Lynch

William White, Frederick White, Samuel White.

William ‘Bill’ Woodward RAFHAA

William ‘Bill’ Woodward; Robert ‘Bob’ Yates

Willie Mitchell RCT

Wing Commander Bob Foster RAF

WO John "Ginge" Roffey


WO2 Gaz O''Donnell GM and bar

Wo2 ian fisher , pte Bellingham

WO2 Phil Cross RAMC, Cpl Ritchie Going RAMC

WO2 Wayne Cuckson

Wookie, Scott, Mike,

Yvonne bosworth,elsie robbins