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Scroll of Remembrance

The following are being remembered through Ride To The Wall This Year

Valentine John Muir Hynd Stanworth

Victor Taylor, Bill Smith

Victor Taylor, Bill Smith

Vikings R I P

Vincent Asquith

W G Fodder, Royston Lloyd

W/Sgt Len Cater RASC

Wally Beard, Brian Brown, Ron Vines, Shoulders Smith, Frank Neaves, Bob Williams

Walter Braybon

Walter Murray Moffatt

Walter Parrott and Robert Thomas Williams

Walter William Sedgwick

Warren Philip Sore

Wayne Cordell Lockett

Wayne h Harris,Chris Williams,Ginge Naylor. Brian clegg

Wayne Lockett

Wayne Rees

Wayne Vickers

Wendy Harrison

Whistlestop café

Widows Sons Southern

Will P-Riddy

William ''Bill'' Woodward

William Blanchard, Cyril Firman

William Campbell

William Edgar Aldridge

William Farnsworth

William Frances Willard

William Fredrick Hayes


William Harold Jones RAF Bomber Command

William Hewart, Richard Hewart

William Holmes RSM Brigade of guards, Danny Holmes Staffordshire regiment ,

William John Taylor

William Noble Burness

William Noble Burness

William Radforth Clark. Frank Jowett.

William Thomas Lenton

William Woodward

William Woodward